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Matatalab Sensor Add-on

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 In order to work with the new add-ons ( and ), you will need to upgrade you MatataBot,Command Tower and Bluetooth. Confirm your device with the Matatabot SN number starts with MTT1807 started. Kindly check upgrade tutorial:

Unlock the full Matatalab experience with our sensor function built-in to our Matatalab Controller. The sensor function enhances the coding adventure as kids can now program the MatataBot to detect and react to obstacles, colors, and even sound! Kids can also control the onboard LED lights embedded into the Matatalab Controller to customize their code to their imagination.

Sensor Mean: MatataBot Controller detect sound, color, light, Infrared(IR), gyro, touch, sending and receiving messages.


What the package included?

- 1 MatataBot Controller

- 34 Coding Blocks

- Warm-up Booklet


* Recommend for 3-9 year old kids

* Get interested in Technology

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