Estonia Kindergarten CODE WEEK Case Study

cross-curricular robotics workshop

What skills did it develop?

Integrated activities: Robotics, language and speech, me and the environment, mathematics, music, Estonian as a second language, movement, art.

The aim is to support the areas in the curriculum (general skills, language and speech, mathematics, me and the environment, movement, music, art, robotics).

Integrating robotics with other areas of learning and education: General skills Using robotics equipment:


Singapore Preschool Coding Class Case Study

The classroom activity is now livened up with an alternative activity which can cultivate teamwork and promote virtues such as patience. Teachers have to be well equipped with classroom management and asking the right questions to trigger response in children. The teacher must also know how to modify the challenges to make it relevant, interesting yet sufficiently challenging for children to learn.

Tricia Toh