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My girl and boy loves to play it. The remote control is easy to play. We really have fun during these time.

It is funny to play with Matatalab

Great fun while letting them develop cognitive abilities, imagination, and coding skills!

Fantastic Coding toy

We got Matatalab coding pro for our 5 yr old. Initially it was so he can spend less time on the screen while we are working. turned out this is the toy for the grown ups as well. it's easy to learn and can be enjoyed by all ages. It's now a family activity in our household. Fantastic product.

Matatalab Coding Set(Home Edition,New)


Easy to use Everything as expected

Good product

Great start for screenless problem solving

My 4yo daughter loves it. It’s great to see how proud she is when she understands something.

She said she really wanted a robot that could do her chores

However, it was a fun start!

Artist add-on

The Artist Add-on is fun and suitable for my 5-yr old son to learn angles.


Newton en parlak buluşlarını bu salgın sürecinde evde karantinada yaptı...

Love it

I have received my pro set and just finished my fun time with my two sons, we love it!!

Good to play at home

My kids is five years old and have all coding experience in school to some degree. They have enjoyed playing at home. Recommend!


Good morning! I got the Pro set for my son, he is turning 5 third week of May. I'm really looking forward to giving him this exciting gift!


Got it and its awesome! My kid love it

Out of expect!

Really amazing.

Amazing for the sensor mode

The games is funny!

Very Good.

The matatabot is adorable!


Let my niece learn coding without Ipad.

Good to kids.

Extremely easy build, and would be best suited for children.


Great value and great fun... what more could you want.

Five Stars

Perfect toy for enetring the world of basic programing, kids and adult.

Awesome toy and STEM learning robot. Well worth the money.

Simply the best STEM learning tool ever and also rocks as a toy.

Great for kids

Our son loves his new mBot and hasn'the stopped playing with it since Christmas. The aps are free and easy to use. The programming is a little complex for him but he's learning and loves it!

Love it.

This a fantastic gift for any age. I purchased this for my boy, who is 5 yrs. It is capable of being as advanced as you choose to make it. Perfect for inspiring youth in S.T.E.M. too. As a bonus#


Really educational for kids! He was so excitiing to play.