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A remote control interactive coding robot set for age 3 and up

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Bring the award-winning Matatalab Lite home and start your coding journey with it


  • Screenless. Save your screen time
  • Gamified. Provided with challenge booklets, and learn basic coding concepts thru hands-on play
  • 3 modes. Enlighten early coding concept step by step
  • Pocket-sized. Easy to store and carry
  • DIY. Create your own coding adventures with paper craft, magic clay, 3D printing and other DIY models and have limitless fun

Matatalab Lite

An interactive remote control coding robot set for kids ages 3+

No screen required

No literacy required

No coding experience required

Three modes, infinite play

To meet the different learning needs of children of varying ages

Control Mode

Direction Recognition

Coding Mode

Sequencing Learning

Sensor Mode

Conditional Judgement

Control Mode

Recognize directions, symbols and hand-eye coordination

Coding Mode

Learn sequencing, debugging, and other basic coding concepts

Sensor Mode

Advance to graphical programming on App, learn conditional and sensing

Three hidden features
lots of fun and inspires creativity

Let your imagination run free

Compatible with different DIY models

Play a lucky draw game

Play a Merry-go-round game

Code to play arts

Put a marker into the center of MatataBot to begin drawing

We care about details


Why Choose Matatalab?

We have received certifications from Education Alliance Finland for high quality in pedagogy and usability. We are also officially cooperating with European Schoolnet, a network of 31 European ministries of education.

Trusted by parents and educators in 50+ countries and regions.

Judy Quintero (U.S.)

Pre-K Pre-Code

Matatalab Robot is a very effective and versatile way to teach computational thinking to young children. There are a million ways to integrate coding instruction into the preschool curriculum using a screen-free robot like Matatalab!

Erica Phillips (Canada)

1st grade teacher

This was only two people at one time using the MatataLab as an extension of what they were doing in Math but it was extremely successful. We have two Pro Sets currently at our school that were purchased for the lower elementary, however when I saw the artist add-on I thought of our grade 6 students as I watched them drawing triangles on a walk through the other day.

    Grade 1 Teacher (Australia)

The product has merit. Simple to operate and intuitive design saw children pick up on what to do very quickly. Now that the Pro Sets have arrived I am excited to have the Grade one students start exploring with the music add-on and the artist add-on. Can't wait to see what these students will create with purpose and passion!

    Grades 4-6 Teacher (Thailand )

Matatalab characteristics are reliable and suitable for children’s attention. From the children’s behavioral observation during the processing of the Kids Can Code workshop activity in NSM, Thailand, the Matatalab can extremely increase enjoyment, immersion, engagement, and interest of children on learning the basic coding rather than using the traditional coding worksheets.

Products Comparison

Matatalab Pro Set Matatalab Coding Set Matatalab Lite

Recommended Age

Age 4-9

Age 4-6

Age 3-5


Command tower


Matatalab Controller



Music Add-on



Artist Add-on



Bluetooth Pairing

Warm-up Cards




Coding Blocks




How to Play

By combining multiple tangible Coding Blocks, kids control a robot car through coding algorithms to complete a challenge. Music and Artist coding block expansions are included to unlock more possibilities.

By combining multiple tangible Coding Blocks, kids contorl a robot car through coding algorithms to complete a challenge.

With a wireless three-mode Controller to control a responsive robot car to experience the fun of remote control and basic programming.

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Product Dimensions
2.56 x 2.56 x 3.55 inches
Item Weight
2.1 pounds
Item model number
Recommended age
3 - 9 years
1 Lithium Polymer batteries required (included)
Customer Reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars
Mfg Recommended age
3 - 9 years

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Bring the award-winning Matatalab Lite home and start your coding journey with it!

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